December 30, 2019

Photo via SC Stockshop

The end of another year! What a year it was. At the end of December, it is easy to get tunnel vision, looking forward to goals and ambitions for 2020. I mean, a few weeks ago I sat down on a Saturday morning and got all of my hopes for 2020 on about looking ahead! But without a look back, I have a tendency to forget just how far KSE has come in a year. It was such a good year. A year that I’m really thankful for.

In summary…

  • Wedding season kicked off in Charleston. This made my wedding planner heart so happy – what a city to work in!
  • I worked with a local non-profit on their four annual events which has been such a great addition to the KSE portfolio and I look forward to continuing to work with this team.
  • I had the privilege of spending a really busy Fall season with the sweetest couples I could ever ask for (all but one are already on the blog here!)
  • My assistant traveled near and far to work with me on each wedding of the year and was really invaluable as my right-hand. Spoiler: she’s my sweet sister and everyone absolutely loves her. She’s seriously good at this job and will definitely be back for the 2020 season #junejunehannah (I’m the June…facepalm) 
  • I was given the opportunity to work on Jacin Fitzgerald’s team (twice!) and learned so much being around such talented women.  Her team is incredible and I was honored to play a small role in these events.
  • Personally, we enjoyed another year in our old house, living close to friends and family. D got his Green Card! And travel slowed down a lot which I loved (but now I’m itching to get back out there!) so we were able to get in to a nice routine. Living near family and friends has been seriously the best – I look forward to more celebrations, dinners together, weekends at the lake, visitors filling the house, and enjoying where we live.


2019 Career Highlights…


2019 Personal Favorites…


I have a lot of hopes for 2020 – personally and professionally – and while they’re all written out, I think I’ll keep them to myself. Truthfully, there is nothing special about the start of a year and you can make any kind of change at any point in the year. I find that things tend to shift throughout the year, depending on the season of life I’m in so I try not to be too rigid but it’s great to have a starting point. 

So here’s to looking back, celebrating the good, reflecting on what could be better, and high hopes for the year ahead! 

Year in Review: 2019