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August 29, 2018

Kelly Strong Events: KSE New Home - Upstate New YorkIf you’ve been following along on Instagram or have been receiving the new monthly newsletter, you’ll know that I’ve moved 🙂 KSE has a new home in Upstate New York and I’m so excited to be here…to be back home!

I’ve been away from home for TEN years (14 if you include my UVM years). I didn’t think I would return to my small-ish town but this Spring, the time was right and I was ready. It goes to show you that when you’re ready, you’re ready and you can’t force it otherwise. I am surrounded by great friends and lots of family which has been such a treat. We moved in to a pretty, old house and have spent the last month making it our own. And yes, I’ve been enjoying every minute of suburbia!

It’s been nonstop travel for me since March. Over this 6 month timeframe, I was never in one place for more than two weeks..not kidding. A little exhausting. It was a lot of fun and I was in beautiful places (California, Washington DC, Florida, Toronto x many visits, St. Louis, Philly, Atlanta, Scottsdale, and back in Chicago) but the unsettled feeling you get when you’re always on the move can become a lot. While I was traveling nonstop, we were trying to close on a house that was being stubborn (i.e. closed 4 weeks late). So I am ready for the break September has to offer as I don’t have to travel at all. What?! Who am I? Saying this out loud means I’ve definitely jinxed it.

Needless to say, I’m really happy to be home and to be available to serve Upstate New York and Vermont Brides. Why Vermont too? Because ILOVERMONT 😉 I’ve always had a soft spot for the entire state of Vermont (it was actually a close second to where we were going to settle down!) That entire state is magical and having lived and worked there, I love to connect couples with the incredible options for weddings that are available.

Does this mean I can only serve clients in Upstate New York and Vermont? No way! The majority of events that I have planned in the past were not local to where I’ve lived. That’s the beauty of the work I do – I feel confident that we can serve you regardless of your location. I will still continue to take on destination weddings (and no, destination doesn’t simply mean tropical!) throughout the US, Canada, and abroad. Through site visits and regular communication with local vendors, we are able to achieve the same flawless that would take place if it were right in my backyard.

So if you’re a bride or groom, in Upstate New York, Vermont, or beyond, looking for a little extra support on your 2019 or 2020 Wedding, stop by the contact page or send an email directly to hello@kellystrongevents.com. I would love to speak with you about how we can make your vision come to life!


P.S. Have you been receiving the new monthly newsletter? Here’s a peek at the July and August Edition. They’re a fun way for me to connect on a more personal, behind the business level. If you would like to receive the next edition (hits inboxes after Labor Day!) sign up here.

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