March 29, 2019

Kelly Strong Events - Friday Five 3.29.19

Good Morning and Happy Friday! Welcome to a new series of current favorites. Once or twice a month, I’ll be sharing my Friday Five – products, practices, bloggers, books, and anything in between. Since starting the newsletter last Summer, I’ve seen that most of the interest (i.e. clicks) comes from my “Current Favorites” section so I thought it would be fun to bring to the blog.

While we’re talking about the newsletter – I would love it if you signed up! It’s sent once a month (that’s it, seriously!), on the first Monday of the month. I talk a little bit about what happened the month before, what’s coming up, and share a little more of the personal side of the business. It has been a lot of fun so I hope you’ll join!

Alright, back to it. Enjoy my first Friday Five!

  1. Botanics All Bright Day Cream – I’ve been looking for a more natural daily moisturizer with SPF and finally found one that I love and at such a great price point.
  2. Two of my favorite podcasts combined for a recent episode – The Goop Podcast, & Armchair Expert. Dax Shepard interviewed Gwyneth Paltrow and it was a seriously great conversation. Dax Shepard continues to surprise me with his awesome interviews – he’s so much more than a funny guy. You can find it on either of their podcast pages!
  3. The Proposal – I’m a month behind Reese’s Book Club but this one was so darn cute. I love mixing in a fiction book in between all of the non-fiction reads that I enjoy so much.
  4. Hello Adams Family Blog – Liz Adams has been my favorite blogger for a while – her style is so adorable, affordable, and approachable. I genuinely enjoy her newsletters and she does a fun weekly cooking series on Instagram live.
  5. Phone-Less Time from 10:00pm – 9:00am – My phone goes in to airplane mode at 10:00pm so that I’m reading a book instead of scrolling. In the morning, I have at least 2 hours of phone-less time to start my day on the right foot – no email notifications, no reacting to anything else. If you’re curious to see what else I’ve changed to improve productivity, I’m diving deeper in this blog post.

Friday Five – 3.29.19