March 30, 2019

It’s Spring! It’s time to open the windows, reorganize, change over the clothes in our closets, and come out of hibernation. This Winter got to me – it was long, it was cold, it was grey. So over the last fews weeks I’ve created some new habits to try to get myself ready for the change in seasons.

New Spring Habits

  1. Green Smoothie Every. Single. Day. I’m really terrible at eating salads (I could never be a Kardashian) so a simple way for me to get them in is by drinking. My smoothie is a cup of water, a little almond milk, banana, flaxseed meal, chia seeds, collagen, a tablespoon of natural peanut butter, and the biggest handful of spinach that I can fit in my little blender. Nothing Earth-shattering, no fancy blender but it’s been working for me in making sure I get those good greens.
  2. Phone-less time from 10:00pm – 8:00/9:00am. No…really. My phone is in “Do Not Disturb” mode starting at 10:00pm which means I’m either reading or falling asleep instead of scrolling – both are better options! In the morning I’m up with my coffee, ice roller, Five-Minute Journal, and a book without social media or emails. The goal is to have 1.5 – 2 hours of no-phone time in the morning. Miracle of miracles. This means I get to point my day in the direction of my choosing instead of reacting – no emails to think about (i.e. put you in a bad mood), no social media to make you feel not so great. And to be honest, the biggest benefit is all the time I save by not wasting it mindlessly! Mornings are so much better. 
  3. Social Media Time Limit – this one goes hand-in-hand with #2 but it’s another way I’ve stopped wasting time. I set a 1-hour limit on Social Media so once I hit this time, it kicks me out. That means I have to be really productive with my time on the platforms – getting posts up and scheduling for the coming days all while interacting with others. This has made me more intentional with my time on there which is a win-win. There are definitely days where I need to be on longer, when I’m sharing more than normal or traveling, and on those days, I ignore the limit for the day. 
  4. Reading way more. You know how it goes – you fly through a book and then don’t read another for months. So in an effort to combat that cycle and be more consistent, I have gotten back in to the reading groove by setting up a list of books to read next. I alternate a fiction book with all of the non-fiction books that I love.

Have you tried anything similar? If you did, let me know how it has gone for you!

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