July 5, 2017

photo via Joel + Justyna

After you’ve asked your attendants to be a part of your special day and they’ve accepted, it’s time to provide them with the details they need to plan ahead. The more information you are able to provide your attendants, the better but try your best to consolidate this communication as much as possible. Avoid cluttering inboxes with multiple emails that could have been one, incredibly detailed, email.

Tips for Communicating with Your Bridal Party

  • As soon as you have all important information together, send the overarching details:
    • Dates of the rehearsal and wedding
    • Overnight accommodation information
    • Confirm transportation that will or will not be provided for them throughout the weekend
    • How and when to purchase their attire
    • For the ladies – collect their hair/make-up preferences (specify if this will be paid for by the bride or not)
    • When you would ideally like them to arrive in town (be flexible for those who have to travel!)
    • Any additional specific requests
  • Two weeks prior, provide them with the “when and where”. Keep this short and concise, including only what they really need to know. Here are a few items to be sure to include:
    • Rehearsal time and address
    • Rehearsal dinner time and address (for those who might not be able to make it in time for the actual rehearsal)
    • Wedding Day getting ready start times & addresses – specify which is for the bridesmaids and which is for the groomsmen
    • The time everyone must be dressed and ready to depart the getting ready locations
    • Basic photo timeline
    • Ceremony & reception start time
  • Remember to thank them!! Reiterate how appreciative you are to have them be a part of your special day. Send thank you notes after showers, bachelorette parties, and the wedding. Make sure they know what a special part of your wedding they were.

And lastly,

Remember to be considerate of the time and money it takes to be a part of a wedding party. Yes, it’s your special day but be reasonable in your requests and remember to be flexible as everyone’s lives are incredibly busy. And most of all – enjoy this special time with your closest family and friends!

Do you have any tips for effective communication with your bridal party to share?

Communicating with Your Wedding Party