November 10, 2020

A question I get often is where to find groomsmen suits and tuxes. Thankfully there are so many more options now compared to what there once was. And most importantly in my mind, they actually fit well! Say goodbye to ill-fitting tuxes that make the guys look like they’re all wearing the same sizes even though they were technically “fit”. 

We still see a mix of suits and tuxes at our client’s weddings. Many opt for tailored suits so it’s a little less formal but still look incredibly formal as they fit so well. Sometimes we see the groom splurge for a designer suit of their liking and have the groomsmen purchase something similar, in color and fit. Tuxes are a must if your wedding’s dress code is black tie but we still see groom’s prefer them, even if it’s a semi-formal wedding.

So let’s get to it – here are a few reliable sources for groom & groomsmen suits and tuxes…

  • The Black Tux – Suits and tuxes available for rent or purchase. At-home try-ons available along with showrooms (both independent showrooms and available in some Nordstrom locations).
  • Generation Tux – Suits and tux rental options with at-home try-ons
  • Suit Supply – beautiful tailored options for all levels of formality – destination to black tie.
  • The Groomsman Suit – offering a variety of reasonable options with at-home try-ons available and really user friendly for groups.
  • State & Liberty – this brand is known for the “athletic” fit with its built-in stretch while being perfectly tailored.
  • J.Crew & Express – both retail locations offer reasonably priced suits and tuxes that will surprise you! Don’t underestimate the tailored fit and feel of these options.
  • The Tie Bar – for your ties and accessories, the Tie Bar is a favorite. So many styles, sizes, colors, and designs. They even have some collaborations with popular bridesmaids dress designers if you’re looking to color match with certain dress colors.

Where to Find Groomsmen Suits & Tuxes