December 28, 2021

As we officially close out 2021 (thank goodness we made it through that I right?) we are excited to announce changes to KSE Services. We have had the pleasure to serve both Full-Service and Month-of Clients for the last 5 years. It’s time to transition KSE to where we have always wanted to be – which is a completely Full-Service Wedding Planning Firm.

We have loved serving our Month-of Clients and we have made some of the most special connections with these couples and their families. We will always be thankful that they chose to work with us and it’s never lost on us that we were by their side for some of the most special moments of their lives. 

But now, it’s time to focus on our Full-Service clients that trust us to bring our very best to each and every aspect of the wedding planning process and their wedding day. We are committed to making sure these days are incredibly special, thoughtful, and exactly what they have envisioned. In addition, we need the bandwidth to be our most creative and make sure we are bringing fresh and unique ideas to each client.

The combination of 2020 and 2021 (working less than we ever have to working four times harder than we ever have…talk about a swing) helped us to get where we are today and for that, I am thankful. The chaos of 2021 really help to shift my perspective and refocus on what I want the future of KSE to look like. Our team is so excited and ready to be moving forward in this singular direction.

Thank you for being here, for reading, and joining us on this next great chapter. To learn more about Full-Service, you can read more here and feel free to reach out directly, we would love to hear from you!

P.S. If you’re a current month-of client, don’t worry! Nothing will change with your services xx


Update to KSE Services