January 16, 2018

Kelly Strong Events: Treat Your Guests

Sources: Boxes | Blankets | Flip Flops

Yes, your wedding is about you and your fiancé tying the knot and celebrating your new life as a married couple. But, as with any event, the end goal is to provide the most wonderful experience possible for your guests. You want them to walk away having had the best time, one they will always remember.

Here are a few ways to make your guests feel the extra special touches:

  1. Welcome Gifts in Hotel Rooms – these can be as fancy or as casual as you would like. The most important items to include is information about the wedding weekend and water/snacks. Include an information card that provides important addresses, shuttle information, start and end times, etc. This is especially important if you have several events taking place throughout the weekend. It’s nice to also include a list and/or map of local restaurants specifically within walking distance of the hotel.  Toss in two bottles of water and chips/snacks/cookies so your guests have something to nibble on when they arrive. My favorite touch is to add something that is specific to the destination which makes guests extra excited to be joining you for the weekend. PS If your’e looking for an exceptional Welcome Gift experience, check out my post on A Signature Welcome – my favorite vendor for the most beautiful guest gifts.
  2. Transportation – providing transportation for your guests, especially when people are traveling from out of town, is so important and greatly appreciated. Making this a priority in your budget is imperative. Most transportation companies will provide specific shuttle rates (usually one hour before the ceremony and two hours at the end of the reception) which means you won’t waste money on time that the vehicles aren’t being used. I can’t stress the importance of transportation enough – it makes such a big difference to the overall guest experience!
  3. Comfortable Footware – after a long night of dancing, most ladies will want to take their shoes right off. This isn’t the safest bet and some venues have very specific rules against it. Providing a basket of flip flops on the dance floor is always a huge hit with guests. My favorite source for these flip flops is Old Navy. Don’t go too crazy on trying to get the proper sizes, order mostly 7’s and 8’s with a small number of 6’s and 9’s/10’s and you will be set.
  4. Blankets/Scarves – if you’re getting married in the Spring or Fall, you might be dealing with unpredictable weather. If hosting your ceremony outside or reception in a tent, it’s a great idea to provide a basket of light blankets or pashmina scarves for guests. It will go a long way to ensure your guests are comfortable. My favorite sites to source these are Alibaba or Amazon. Order one in advance to check the quality or if you order in bulk, confirm the return policy prior to ordering. Oh, and always check measurements! Compare them to something you own to get an idea of the size.
  5. “Late Night” Snacks – this is becoming commonplace now which I think is great. After spending some time on the dance floor, your guests will work up a bit of a hunger! This is where I love to see the couple’s personality shine through. You love pizza, Chick-fil-A, Happy Meals, a specific food truck – anything! You can truly make almost anything happen as a late night snack. A perfect send-off for guests is to have snacks and bottled water set on a table towards the exit as they leave for the night. Nothing like leaving a great taste in their mouths (pun intended!)

Wherever possible, add hints of you favorite things throughout your special day so guests truly feel like it is your wedding day. It should be a reflection of you and your spouse – guests love to really feel the personality of the couple throughout.

What are the best ideas you’ve seen as a guest that have made you feel extra special? I would love to hear from you!

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Treat Your Guests