November 21, 2016

Kelly Strong Events: Time, Your Most Valuable Asset

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Time is, without a doubt, your most valuable asset. It’s the only thing we can’t buy more of and we have exactly the same amount of it as the person next to us.

Gone are the days where you could spend hours upon hours planning your dream wedding – we are too busy for that! Sure, Pinterest is great (and a game changer for the wedding industry) but Pinterest can’t execute your vision for you. So how do you take these dreamy visions and turn them into a reality? And what about budget…what is actually reasonable? From the initial research to the chaos of the wedding week errands, Wedding Planners will give you this time back so you can have all the fun and soak in the joy of this special time.

Vendor selection

One area of the planning process that can be incredibly time intensive is vendor selection and management. The vendors you choose to work with can make or break your wedding day. You know that a band can get the party started or keep everyone off the dance floor. Every photographer has a different style – which fits you best? Which florist can create exactly what you’re looking for? You’ll spend hours, per vendor, collecting recommendations, doing research, reading reviews, and meeting with them before you’re ready to make a decision. That’s where a planner can save you so. much. time.

Once I get to know you, I’m going to recommend vendors that I think you’ll love. I’ll only provide vendors that are at the absolute top of their industry so you know they’re reliable, trusted, and provide a quality product or service because I truly believe that vendors make or break an event. Once you’ve decided on the perfect vendors, I’ll offer contractual advice to make sure you’re covered. I will then setup all the necessary meetings and appointments prior to your big day, and lastly coordinate the vendor’s wedding day logistics.

Need your dress picked up across the city? Got it. Can’t figure out the right style for your bridesmaids to wear? Recommendations coming your way. Need someone to sign for your delivery? Consider it done. There isn’t much your planner can’t do to save you time. If you’re looking for a full service Wedding Planner to assist you in creating your dream day, I would love to chat with you. Give me a little information and we can get together in person or on the phone 🙂

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