January 23, 2018

Real Talk: Blog Content & Poll

image via SC Stockshop

Good Morning! Today I’m talking wedding planner blog content – I would love to get some real insight from you! It seems like blogging is completely different than what it was just a few years ago. What to people want to see and read? Does anyone read full posts?! Do list posts help? Are videos better? What is helpful to see/read on blogs?

When I think about the blogs I personally read, they are all based around lifestyle/life & style (favorites: Sequins & Stripes, Elizabeth Street Post, SS Life & Style, Liz Denfeld, and The Home Edit because well, organization is my favorite.) I love getting a peak in to the real lives of others – their homes, workouts, style, etc. The difference here is that they aren’t wedding planners, they are true “bloggers”. I don’t love reading wedding blogs..which makes me think, maybe you don’t either?!

My goal for the blog this last year has been for each post to provide planning tips for your own wedding. Helpful information for brides when they are either newly engaged or in the middle of the planning process. My hope is to guide brides in planning a meaningful, successful wedding.

BUT! By only publishing these kinds of posts, I’m limiting my audience. If you’re not engaged or planning a wedding why would you stop by? I probably wouldn’t! Oy vey. Something needs to change. So I need your help, please! Would you mind taking the time to participate in the poll below? Help me to understand what kind of posts you would be most interested in seeing here on the blog.

Big thanks in advance for helping a girl in need xo

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Real Talk: Blog Content Poll