August 6, 2019

Congratulations – you’re married!! You made it through the wedding planning process, had the best day ever, went on a magical honeymoon and now you’re back to reality. Your to do list isn’t exactly finished yet (…I know!) So here’s what you should consider as the next items to take care of, once you’ve had a chance to catch your breath!

  • Write your thank you notes! I know you technically have a year but I don’t think that’s a great look. Make it a goal to write a few every night after work and then dedicate a few hours on the weekend for it. Split them up with your new spouse! Thank your guests for not only a gift they may have given but for taking the time to be there with you to celebrate.
  • While you’re writing thank you notes to your guests, write some to your vendors! Expressing your gratitude for the work these partners did to make your dream day so special is always appreciated. While you’re at it, think about writing them a positive review online as well. Reviews are really helpful for future clients that are searching for vendors and are the greatest gift you can give your vendors!
  • Take advantage of the discounts offered by stores on registry items that were not gifted to you. Many stores will extend a percentage off of items after the wedding, for a certain amount of time, that weren’t purchased. Make sure you’re aware of the timeframe and think about the items that might be worth the purchase.
  • Out with the old so you have space for the new! Take the time to toss, donate, and/or reorganize your home items so you’re ready for the gifts you have received. Reorganize your kitchen, bathroom, and linen closet so your new, fresh items have space. It’s also symbolic of your new, fresh, married life together so be sure to make the space!
  • Once you receive photos from the photographer, decide how you’re going to print them and if you’ll order books. Try not to wait too long to do this otherwise it seems to fall down the priority list. You can always order ahead as well – think Holiday gifts for your family in beautiful frames!


Newlywed To Do List