September 10, 2018


The Surprise Wedding in August, that you’ve heard all about on Instagram, was held during the couple’s annual Margarita Party. They really wanted to keep the fun nature of the party while making it a little more special. One idea that came to mind was taking Mini Patron Bottles and turning them in to an all-in-one shot…tequila, salt, and lime.

I would suggest prepping the bottles (opening, emptying, rimming with salt) and cutting the limes before pouring the tequila back in to the bottles. You’ll want the tequila to be chilled so, pouring back in to the bottles right before you are ready to serve works well.

Mini Patron Tequila Shots:

  1. Open mini Patron bottles and pour in to a decanter.
  2. Rim each mini bottle with Kosher Salt – add water and lime juice to a bowl, dip the top of the bottle in the liquid mixture then in the salt.
  3. Cut limes in to full circles and then cut the circles in half (you want to make sure they are substantial wedges!)
  4. Pour tequila from the decanter in to a pitcher with ice cubes – we found this helpful in chilling the tequila and watering it down just a little bit.
  5. Using a mini funnel, pour the tequila back in to the mini Patron bottles, filling about half way.
  6. Stand the lime wedges up on top of each bottle.
  7. Serve and enjoy the party!


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Mini Patron Tequila Shots