December 28, 2019

This year, KSE is excited to announce the addition of Mentoring Sessions in Event Logistics to fellow wedding planners!

Are you a wedding planner that excels on the design side of the business but not so much when it comes to the logistics of the planning process? Or are you new to the industry and while you love the beautiful details, you don’t love the nitty-gritty spreadsheets and endless checklists? Not crazy about timelines, budgets, schedules, vendor management and communication? Enter coaching sessions that are completely focused on the event logistics side of the wedding planning industry.

A little bit more about me and why my focus is on the logistics side of things…I began my career on the corporate side of event management. My work consisted of multi-day, large-scale conferences and company events. Heavily focused on building and maintaining budgets, ensuring food and beverage accuracy, creating optimal timelines, working with hotels on overnight rooms for all attendees, and sourcing large scale venues. I then moved into Association Conference planning where the events ranged from week-long events for 250 attendees to 2,500+ attendees. Sourcing destinations throughout the US and finding the locations and venues that met the client’s objectives for the conference. Once we had the destination, it was creating each day from start to finish – daily meals, breakout sessions, keynote speakers, audio visual design and execution, offsite event creation and management, and working with education, IT, administration and marketing teams to create the ultimate experience for attendees. And of course, putting all of this information in to one comprehensive document for everyone to work from.

There are a lot of questions that you, as the planner, need to know to ask to benefit your client. It’s your job to ask the right questions of the venue and vendors to ensure the ideas that you present to your clients are realistic options! It’s also critical that you maintain systems to keep you, your clients, and vendors on track throughout the planning process.

What would coaching sessions look like?

The objective of these coaching sessions is to meet you where you are – you’ll tell me what you’re looking to improve upon or learn and we’ll create a custom plan based on your needs. We’ll chat via video so it doesn’t matter where you’re located – it will feel like we’re in the same room!

We’ll review all of the information that is critical to collect from your clients, venues, and the vendors you’re working with. When it comes to your clients, we will dive in to the most efficient way to collect information from them so that you know everything from how they like to communicate to who will be involved in the planning process. Then you’ll go even further into learning about their personal style, design preferences, and what they like to do for fun. The goal is to get to know your clients on a deeper level so you can create something custom for them. For the venue we will cover all of the little stuff that makes a big difference – access time, delivery guidelines, staffing, room ready timeline, teardown restrictions, installation options, optimal flow of the venue, connect with the venue coordinator, etc. And for vendors, we’ll discuss how to collect rates and availability, present options to your clients in an easy-to-digest format, and how to recommend trusted options. From there, we’ll review contracting, negotiating, and management throughout the planning process.

I’ll provide you with all of my templates – complete logistics document (over 20 pages!), budget document (including built-in formulas), sourcing spreadsheet to track all options you’re presenting, sourcing presentation for clients, vendor communication emails, guest list tracker, and more!

Interested in learning more?

If you’re curious to learn more – send me an email or you can contact me here! I would love to speak with you about your wedding planning business and how we can take it to the next level with a focus on the logistics side of the business.

Cheers to taking your business to the next level!

Wedding Planning Coaching