June 4, 2018

Kelly Strong Events: The KSE Newsletter

Good Morning! June 4, 2018 – it’s now officially the busiest season of the year for me. Spring was full of Association events which took me all over the place in March & April (two straight weeks of travel brought me here and here). June has already been packed with life changes (more to come!) while working on a few great events taking place this month and later this summer.

Busy Season is here!

So what does this busy season look like? It looks like up and on my computer by 7:00am to get a jump start on important projects (the must-do’s for the day). Working straight until lunch, trying to get in a mid-day workout for my sanity and then back online for the remainder of the day…adding wine with the late night work (obvi). Trying to work on growing the business while planning 2018 and 2019 events can be tough at times. With that effort to grow, I’m trying something new this busy season – a monthly newsletter. 

The monthly newsletter is going to be a fun way for me to share all of the changes, updates, events, and projects I’m working on. Each month, I’ll look back on the month prior and preview what is coming up the following month. I’ll talk about events but I’ll also tell you about what I’m up to personally and at home. Bringing back the recipes I love (hey there, old friend), as well as fun projects, and at-home celebrations. I’m really excited for the possibilities for this newsletter and I hope you’ll enjoy it.

 sign up for the newsletter!

Interested in signing up? One email at the beginning of the month, that’s it (I promise). You can click here to provide your name and email address and that’s it! Or, you can send me an email here with the subject line “Newsletter Signup” and I will personally add you to the list. The first issue will hit your inbox on Monday, July 9th because I love starting the week off right.

I hope you have a wonderful week and I look forward to sharing this exciting busy season with you!

Announcing the KSE Newsletter