January 31, 2022

Bringing back some fun to the blog! I used to do a Friday Five series and it was a way to show a little more of the personality behind the business. One of my favorite Instagram accounts, Things I Bought and Liked, does a series where she wraps up favorites from each month which I love. So it’s going to be a mix of all different kinds of categories and will wrap up the month! 

  • Day Designer Planner – I didn’t even have a planner in 2021 because I was so scarred from having to erase everything from 2020. I can tell you that it definitely led to my constant feeling of chaos. Getting back to pen and paper, mapping out the week ahead has helped MAJORLY just in a month. Day Designers are my go-to from Target.
  • Large Wall Calendar – when I posted about this on my Instagram stories, so many people asked where it was from. It’s a great downloadable template that you can have printed and laminated. I purchase the template and then send it right to staples online for delivery. This is the best for my office and we want to find a spot to hang another one to use for our family schedule.
  • Goodreads App – I can’t remember reading anything in 2021 which is terrible. Combination of a newborn + the busiest business year ever..I would crash every night. So this year, I’ve set a goal for reading and I’m using the Goodreads App to help with that. It’s so great to create a “want to read” list so when someone recommends a book, you can add it there and you’ll always have a reference of what to read next! This month I read Indistractable, The People We Meet on Vacation, and The Stranger in a Life Boat.
  • SKIMS PJ’s and Loungewear – it was a SKIMS Christmas and after wearing it all for a month..I can confirm the hype. I’m ready for more and will be ordering more! 
  • Shows: Loved: Emily in Paris (don’t come at me for this one! It’s cute and light-hearted) Don’t Love: And Just Like That…and I’m truly shocked by anyone that loves it.
  • Podcasts: Wedded: The Wedding Planner Podcast – so great for all wedding planners but if you’re planning a wedding, they have such great tips too. The Ed Mylett Show – this one has been great for getting some inspiration/motivation for the year ahead.

This month might have been the longest in history? Multiple cancelled trips thanks to this virus that is never-ending, lots of days at home with the little one, and only one week of “normal” daycare/work has me a little worse for the wear. Trying to maintain positive habits in the midst of the chaos and realize this won’t last forever (at least that is my hope!!)  Next month, we’ll be back on the road and have lots of planning/prep meetings for our 2022 clients. Only TWO months until our first wedding of 2022!


January 2022 Favorites