November 20, 2019

Holiday Gift Guides are back! I love doing these and I hope you enjoy them 🙂 It’s a fun way for me to share things that I love and what might be on my wishlist!  I wanted to make sure to share these well before Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales! This year I’m breaking them down in to two guides – the first is under $50. Most of these are way under $50 which means you could combine a couple to pull together a really cute gift for family or friends. Enjoy and check back on Friday for another edition!

  1. Barefoot Dreams Socks – once there’s a chill in the air, I’m wearing these around the house all the time.
  2. Slipsilk Hair Ties – love all Slip products and this ornament is so festive.
  3. Stojo Collapsible Coffee Cup – love these and how easy they are to carry around. Every bit helps when trying to reduce waste!
  4. Slip Silk Sleep Mask – I’ve talked about this before but it might be my favorite thing. I wear mine every night and travel with it as well.
  5. Satin Knot Headband – so happy headbands are back! Love the festive green satin.
  6. Loopy Phone Case – I’ve been a loopy fan for a few years and will talk your ear off about it if you ever ask me about it. I promise they’ll love it! 
  7. Sherpa Mittens – Gap is my go-to for casual mittens and this year’s sherpa mittens are really cute.
  8. Belt Bag (i.e. fanny pack) – I feel like anyone could use one of these at one point in time! For me, it’s the best on event days. Also great for exercise, walks…any  time you want to be hands-free.
  9. Yeti Mug– another gift that I think everyone would love! No one wants to drink cold coffee.
  10. Colored Crystal Hoops – these are so festive without being too much – I love them! 
  11. Packing Cubes – I got in to cubes this year and it has changed my travel life. I’m surprised how much I use them and love them. 
  12. Thymes Frasier Fir – by far my favorite Christmas candle. It’s honestly Christmas in a candle.
  13. Headphone + Charging Splitter – I love this as a little stocking stuffer. If you’re not using AirPods, you’ve likely been in the pickle of needing to charge your phone and use your headphones…problem solved

Happy Holiday Shopping!

Holiday Gift Guide: Under $50