November 14, 2018

KSE Holiday Gift Guide: For the Bride-to-BeThe next gift guide is for the Brides in your life. Most of these gifts could also serve as engagement gifts, bachelorette gifts, or shower gifts as well so save this for future reference! A lot of monogramming/lettering and cute things to wear because, why not?! Have fun shopping for those special ladies.

  1. Vow Books – $20 -These are from my friend’s shop and they are the cutest little books to make vows even more special.
  2. Box Fox – $40 & Up – This gifting company is a favorite of mine. After having received a couple myself, they are so thoughtful and carefully curated. Choose from any of the Bridal options.
  3. Marble Wine Cooler – $40 – A wine cooler that can also be a vase – a perfect for the couple that likes to entertain.
  4. Monogram Candle – $24 – A simple way to celebrate the new last name!
  5. Heart Initial Bracelet – $52 – This bracelet is so dainty and sweet.
  6. Maya Brenner 2 Letter Necklace – $300 – A Duchess Meghan favorite sooo isn’t that enough?!
  7. Monogram Slate Serving Board – $52 – Another good one for the entertainer! Ideal for a great charcuterie board.
  8. Weezie Hand Towels – $40 + $15 for Customization – I’m in love with this new brand and they’re gorgeous towels. Love the customization options available.
  9. Ceramic Heart Trinket Dish – $6 – Little place for the new bling.
  10. Just Married Ornament – $16 – For next Holiday Season to celebrate the newlyweds!
  11. Bride Sock Pack – $25 – Cheeky socks are always a good idea.
  12. The Complete Cooking for Two Cookbook – $24 – Always a great gift for soon to be newlyweds.
  13. Martha Stewart’s Newlywed Kitchen – $27 – Everything for weeknight meal ideas to a guide on gatherings.
  14. Bride Tee – $20 – Doesn’t every Bride need a little something like this?! Also would be great for a Bachelorette weekend.
  15. Plaid Robe – $129 – Wedding Planning can be stressful 😉 A luxurious robe (with a new monogram) is always a good idea. Bonus? Pottery Barn always has great sales!
  16. Future Mrs. Journal – $15 – A place for the Bride-to-Be to jot down all of those amazing wedding ideas.
  17. Bow & Drape: ‘BRB’ Sweatshirt – $68 – Okkkk I’ve been spending way too much time on this site lately. I love these sweatshirts (and T’s, bags, hats, etc!) and how you can customize them. I’m just trying to figure out what to put on mine but they have tones of fun Bridal ideas.

KSE Holiday Gift Guide: For the Bride-to-Be