May 3, 2019

Kelly Strong Events: Friday Five - 5.2.19
Photo: O’Malley Photographers

Happy Friday! Another edition of Friday Five coming at ya – grab your coffee, let’s hang out! Have you checked out the first two editions? I love these quick posts – I feel like they give readers a better look at the personality behind the business. Sometimes this industry can feel a little stuffy so the goal here is to lighten it up!! 

  1. Dry Brushing – this Spring I’ve been bringing back old habits that I’ve missed. This is one that I used to be incredibly consistent with and I’ve restarted in the last few weeks. It makes your skin feel amazing before hopping in the shower! 
  2. The Miracle Morning – this is a fast read so I like to read it at least each year. When my mornings become inconsistent, I feel it in my day-to-day life. Re-reading this reinforces why starting the mornings the right way really makes a impact in the best way.
  3. Mini Heart Bracelet – I stumbled on this delicate heart bracelet and I kind of love it! Adding to my wishlist and it would also make a really sweet gift. 
  4. The Ikonns Podcast – I’ve been following Mimi and Alex Ikonn for a few years and love the information they share. The podcast is somewhat new and I’ve been enjoying these episodes a lot.  Especially the episode with Jim Kwik
  5. STEVEN Greece Sandal – are you tired of hearing about these yet? I won’t be stopping any time soon because they are so. good. I have them in white, wore them to death last Summer, and reordered them in white again this year. I get a compliment on them every time I wear them (not kidding!)

Is there anything that you’ve found lately and love?! Always open to suggestions on great new products, books, podcasts, anything! 

Friday Five – 5.2.19