September 2, 2019

It’s about time I pulled together some of my most frequently asked questions. So whether you’re searching for a planner or not, I hope this provides you with some insight on the work I do! 

You don’t live where I live or where I’m getting married. How could we work together?

This is by far the most frequently asked question I get!! And I understand why so I’m going to spend some timmmmee on this one…because I want you to know that your vendors do not have to be local in order to work with them…

I have a background in Corporate and Association Meeting Planning. Executing annual conferences, meetings, galas, etc. all around the country. While there was always a percentage of local clients, the bulk of the work I did was planning and executing events elsewhere. That means we saw the convention center, attendee hotels, city, and offsite venues ONCE (maybe twice, if we were lucky) before arriving in the city for the event. Each year their event is in a new city and there we were, planning and executing it for them, regardless of the chosen city.

It is the same for weddings! I live near maybe 5% of my clients..that’s it! For my destination clients, we do all of our work via phone/video and scheduled in-person meetings. Similar to the corporate world, we schedule a one or two day site visit to your venue and destination city (usually around your menu tasting) in order to finalize details, make selections, review the timeline, see rental items in person, and visit offsite event locations (like for Welcome Drinks or Farewell Brunches).

It’s not a prerequisite to have been to your preferred location or chosen venue before in order to create the perfect day for you and your fiancé. When you’re looking for a full-service wedding planner, you should really choose a planner based on their design aesthetic, previous work, their personality, and the structure of their team. You’ll spend a lot of time with this planner over your engagement so it’s really important that you get along and enjoy speaking and working with them!

While I love going back to the same venues, I really love working somewhere new so I can create something new! There is a true benefit to working with a planner that hasn’t worked at your venue because you’ll get something that looks and feels completely different than the planner who might be there every weekend. If I haven’t been there, don’t worry…I know what questions to ask and information to gather to ensure it all runs perfectly. 

The same goes for working with destination vendors as well. I always encourage my couples to look at vendors that are outside their local market (and will provide you with some awesome suggestions that might be a great fit!) This means thinking about bringing in a photographer, videographer, stylist, floral designer, etc. that isn’t local but whose style aligns with yours. The most important part is that you have a vendor team that is able to execute the day we have designed for you and your guests.

What is “Wedding Design”?

Wedding design encompasses all of the little details that come together to create the overall look, feel, and energy of your event. There are so many components that come together to create your wedding’s design. It’s the color scheme, lighting, florals, special installations, music, linens, napkins, chargers, flatware, glassware, bar design, chairs, table size and shape, specialty rentals, invitation suite, day-of paper goods, scent, bridesmaids gown colors, flow of the evening, welcome bag contents, etc. It’s the subtle details that create the big picture feeling that your guests will walk away with. When I work with my full-service clients, I create a comprehensive design plan that showcases how each chosen element will work together to achieve our goal.

I have no idea where or when we want to get married – can you help from the very beginning?

YES!!  A benefit of being in meetings and weddings for so many years is that I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some incredible places throughout the US and Abroad (did you know I lived in Germany and Italy?!) This means I have a pretty substantial list of ideas for you, depending on what you’re looking for. I also spend a great deal of time researching and familiarizing myself with new and established properties so I have the best information to provide to my clients when the come to me with questions. Moral of the story – you tell me you’re looking for a tiny chapel to get married in followed by an outdoor reception with a mountain backdrop, large enough to host all of your guests overnight on property, and I’ll give you ideas 🙂 

You’re a one-woman show, why is that?

This is on purpose! While I have an awesome team of ladies that assist me leading up to and on wedding days, I design and plan all of my client’s events from start to finish. My clients hire me for me – whether it’s for my design and ideas or our personalities were a match – I value that trust and don’t want to turn you over to someone else. If the scope of the wedding is really large, you’ll see team members start working with me earlier in the planning process to ensure the logistics are buttoned up…but I’ll still be there! And yes, if I get hit by a bus, there is someone with access to everything that will take your wedding over (I was asked this on a client introduction call and it caught me a little off-guard..but is a valid question!)

Do you plan events other than weddings?

Absolutely! While I mainly talk about weddings on my website and social media, I also have corporate clients that I love working with. These corporate clients allow me to work within the community and I love that part of my work. In addition, I am able to plan social events as well – think Bridal or Baby Showers, Engagement Parties, Anniversary Parties, etc. The sky is the limit so please reach out


If you’re looking for a wedding planner, be sure to contact me here – I would love to chat about your big day! And if you have another question to be answered? Email it over to me here and I’ll add it to the post!

Frequently Asked Questions