March 1, 2022

Rabbit Rabbit! March 1st which means Spring must be near? At least that is always the hope in the Northeast. I was in Charleston last week and can’t tell you what good the warmer weather did for me. To be able to walk around in the warmth was so, so nice. Not to mention that city is a total dream so that also helps.  Side note, I am so excited to there for two weddings in 2022 and can’t wait to show you how beautiful, different, and special  they will be! 

Anyway, another edition of some of my monthly favorites:

  • First Aid Ultra Repair Intense Hydration Cream – this has quickly become my favorite face is so hydrating!! A little goes a long way and seriously, it feels so good.
  • Baby Foot Exfoliation Peel –  I usually do this once a year, in the Winter and it works like a charm. After a really long and hard Fall on my feet with the busiest wedding season, brought them back to life! 
  • Ember Mug – a Christmas gift that I wanted to give plenty of time to offer my true review…and I would definitely recommend. It really does keep your coffee/tea super warm and works for me since I tend to make my coffee, take a sip, and get distracted 🙂 Downside is that I find I need to charge it after each use.
  • I’ve been keeping up with my reading goal for the year – less mindless scrolling before bed and more reading. This month I read Atomic Habits and The Gown – would highly recommend both!! 
  • Scheduling Workouts – I’ve turned a new leaf since the end of 2021 and made daily workouts a total priority. I schedule them each day like any other meeting or appointment and it has helped me so much. It has totally changed my mood, my stress levels, and my ability to handle everything in my life more gracefully. I was SO consumed by work in the Fall and early Winter and my body gave up on me from pure exhaustion. It has been the most positive change in such a short time. My current workouts are a split between Pure Barre, Peloton (only Cody Rigsby classes for me), and some weight training.


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