January 28, 2018

Kelly Strong Events: Behind the Blog

Trying to build a business is hard. Getting 7 responses on a blog post poll (aimed at input for blog content) hurts a little. Is anyone out there?! Yea…doesn’t seem like it.

Sitting on a hotel bed on a Saturday night, wine in hand, sourcing the right vendors for a bride that trusts me with her very special day..it’s a lot of pressure and not so glamorous. Most days look a lot like this and not a lot like what you see on Instagram. Most days, building this business looks like: waking up early, working all day, coming home to put on comfy clothes, opening a different computer, working the night away, trying not to be driven insane by my loud upstairs neighbor, repeat. Wondering which post, client, or photo might be the “thing” that makes a difference.

In truth, I know it won’t be one thing or one post. It’s going to take continually showing up, on whichever medium, to make it in this business. It’s going to take creativity, new ideas, and a lot of patience. It means not comparing my 500 followers to another’s 60,000+ followers. It means realizing that I’m at the beginning of this very long journey and it’s not fair to compare myself to anyone else at all.

This, what I find myself doing now, is exactly what I’ve always wanted to do so I will continue regardless of the number of readers or followers. It’s all worth it when my clients have the best days ever and it doesn’t matter if it’s 1 or 100 brides – it’s worth it.

Get off of Insta, deactivate Facebook (best thing I’ve ever done), stop scrolling and START DOING. Even if a whopping two people read your stuff…just start. If you’re out there working away, spending two hours looking at your computer not sure where to start (yes, that was me tonight); I’m right there with you! And together we will get where we are going.

P.S. this photo is irrelevant but it’s from one of my favorite places on earth so I guess it’s really relevant 🙂

P.P.S if you feel like helping a sister out, stop by the poll and cast your vote! Never too late for input.

Behind the Blog: Building a Business