April 24, 2018

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We are over 4 months in to the New Year! As I promised my many, many readers in my original Restart & Refresh Post, here are updates on my 2018 priorities.  Having these business priorities and personal priorities has been helpful when I lost focus or was unsure where to put my attention.

KSE Business Priorities – January – April 

  1. More consistent posting/publishing – January, February, and early March I crushed blog posting weekly! Pat on the back for that. It only worked because I planned ahead! But then I fell off the blogging train because I stopped creating content in advance. Big time lesson learned. On the Social Media front, I’ve gotten back on to Twitter which I’ve really enjoyed. And after taking a two week break from Instagram in March, I’m back to posting daily.
  2. Expand my Network – I’ve been working to connect with more vendors on social media. With another move in the near future (exciting details to come!) I’ve been working hard to build my vendor list in the new market for introductions once I arrive. Can’t wait to share more!
  3. Try New Marketing Platforms – I tried a Google AdWords campaign early in 2018. I received an increase in traffic and increased inquires but the leads didn’t amount to anything. So while the increase in traffic was nice, the leads weren’t the right fit. I also guest posted on Aisle Planner – a post about how it’s never to late to hire a Wedding Planner (check it out here!) which was something I hadn’t done before.

Personal Priorities – January – April 

  1. Back to the morning routine – I. love. mornings. This morning was Studio Lagree, Target, CryoBar, Home Depot, and back by 9:30am. There is really nothing quite as good as productive mornings. I’ve been making sure to wake up earlier and if I’m not working out, I’ll spend 20 minutes on the couch reading and drinking coffee so I feel like I have a good amount of alone time before the craziness begins.
  2. Water!  – tired, hungry, moody, lethargic – the solution is always water! Some days are better than others but overall, consumption has gone way up and helps with my overall well-being. It made a HUGE difference when I was onsite for two straight weeks for client meetings.
  3. Meet my move goal daily – my Apple Watch makes this goal so much easier to track. Every single day I make sure to meet my move goal (even when I don’t feel like it!) ClassPass has been a great addition to my routine and obviously helps with my move goal.

So here we go in to the next part of the year! Busy season is beginning and while most of my focus will be on taking care of my amazing clients, I will also continue to put energy towards building the business. So here’s an update on what my priorities will be for the next 6 months:

KSE Business Priorities – May – October

  1. Consistent posting/publishing (again) – this is important even during busy season! More behind the scenes and event related content will be the focus during this time.
  2. Build a Email List – The only platform you can completely control is your own website and blog. With the news about Style Me Pretty potentially closing down (more to come on that, I’m sure), it makes you realize that the only platform you have control over is your own. I tend to focus so much on Instagram and other Social Media platforms but we have no idea where that will go eventually. It could go away and then what? It’s time to try to build my list which will assist in building the brand.
  3. New Headshots and Personal Photos – There is maybe one photo of me on my Instagram and Website and that needs to change. I already have a plan for this one and I’m excited about it! Once I have these pictures in hand, you’ll see them on my various platforms 🙂

Personal Priorities May – October

  1. Make the most of mornings – keep getting up early which I love even more during the warmer months! I seriously cannot wait for Summer..this Spring has been terrible. Sooo close – I know it has to be coming!
  2. Workout 5 days a week – set a schedule and stick to it. So important for mental health and overall well-being. The focus is on putting myself first so all other areas of my life can benefit.
  3. Read one book a month – I have so many amazing books to tackle so I’ll include an update on what I read and what I liked.

I’ll be back in October with an update on how I’ll be tackling the last three months of 2018 🙂

How are you doing with you New Years resolutions or priorities? Would love to hear how they are progressing!

2018 Priority Updates