May 23, 2017

If you’re planning a big celebration with guests traveling from out of town, it’s always nice to plan additional activities to see everyone as much as possible. I mean, anything to extend the celebration right?!

Keep the party going…

  • Welcome Drinks – You have formal rehearsal dinner planned for your bridal party and family immediately following your rehearsal but what about guests that will be arriving the night before the wedding? A great option for out of town guests is to pick a bar to host welcome drinks. You can either contract a small space within the bar or you can choose a bar with plenty of space and keep it very casual. Either way, it’s nice for out of town guests to know where the majority of the group will be in case they want to meet up for a night out. Put the bar’s location on your information card that goes in your invitation suite and add it to any Welcome Bag information card as a reminder.
  • Farewell Brunch – You can handle the farewell brunch one of two ways..the first is hosting everyone from the wedding at brunch. You would keep the hours open but it’s important to collect RSVP’s on the wedding response card so the restaurant is prepared. This is generous way to thank everyone for coming and give them one last chance to say goodbye on their way out of town. The second option is to keep it very informal by letting guests know that the Bride & Groom will be in the restaurant between a certain time. This works well for destination weddings when the majority of the group is at one hotel. Provide this information in guest’s welcome bags so they know it’s casual and attendance isn’t expected.
  • Newlywed BBQ – This is a great option if you’re hosting a Friday wedding. On Saturday, guests will be less anxious to get on the road and might even be staying around until Sunday. You can make this barbecue as casual or as fancy as you would like. Leave the hours open so guests know they can come and go as they please but it is a good idea to gauge attendance on the wedding response card so you are prepared with the proper amount of food.
  • Catamaran or Boat Cruise – A great option for those tropical destination weddings. This is a way to thank your guests for traveling to celebrate with you on your special day. It gives everyone a beautiful activity to enjoy together and allows the couple to spend more time with the people they love.
  • Wine Tasting & Tour – If you are hosting your wedding in/around wine country, invite guests for a wine tasting and tour of a local vineyard either the day before or after the wedding. The best day for a daytime event like this depends on what day of the week your wedding falls on and what travel schedules look like.
  • Tailgate – This activity only applies to some markets but when I heard of this idea, I absolutely loved it. If you live in an area with a big college football team invite guests to join you for a tailgate before the game. Something so different and unique that will make your wedding weekend even more memorable.

Tell me,

What are some of the most fun wedding weekend activities you’ve attended? I would love to hear from you!

Wedding Weekend Activities