May 15, 2020

Cinque Terre, Italy

Today officially marks NINE weeks in Quarantine (or the “Q” as my girls on the Morning Toast call it). Has it been that bad? Of course not! We are healthy, our families are healthy, we have a home with space and a backyard, we have a full fridge, and being in the suburbs means more opportunity to get out safely. Regardless of all the good we have to be thankful for, has it still been an adjustment? Big time. Am I going a little stir crazy? Mmmmhmmm.

A business in events at a time like this? Yikes. Everything has changed so quickly – it seemed like every day we were learning something new and it continues to evolve. At first, we were moving events in April and May to later in the Summer and Fall. Then events in June through August became questionable and knowing if you moved Spring events far enough is up in the air. Currently we are putting backup 2021 dates on hold for all of our remaining 2020 clients which feels surreal and scary. I feel immensely for my clients that just want to have their weddings as planned. I am trying to stay optimistic for what the Fall will look like while being prepared with Option B (and C.) I know there are people dealing with true health crises and loss of work so while postponing weddings isn’t the end of the world, I still know how difficult and sad it is for everyone dealing with it.

Today I should be in Italy for a few days of vacation (in the location where I took the photo above 6 years ago!) followed by a few days of in-person planning meetings for a May 2021 Wedding at a Tuscan Villa. Not sad at all 😉 Also canceled were personal and business trips to Florida, South Carolina, Puerto Rico, Canada, Chicago, and Georgia. I was really looking forward to getting back on the road, reconnecting with so many great people, and continuing to work on the business. Instead I’ve been here…not insanely productive, not having reinvented my whole business or figured out new offerings, not having cleaned my entire house from top to bottom, not working out like crazy, and definitely not having become an expert chef. Some weeks I was just getting by…working on rescheduling and creating backup plans for clients and that was about it. No social media posting, no creative projects, and definitely no real pants with buttons. And I hope I’m not the only one! At this point, I feel like I’m finding a groove again and while it’s a bummer it’s taken this long I can only be happy that I’ve finally found it and keep on going.

What’s been keeping me occupied while not working? Books, podcasts, Netflix, and Bravo (obviously)….

So here’s to another week at home. Thankful to have all of this quality time with my husband. Thankful to have some warm weather on the horizon (I mean..finally). Thankful to have a business I love and clients that mean so much. And thankful to YOU for reading!!

Life in the Q