September 6, 2019

It’s time for the monthly edition of Friday Five! September already…wow..that happened quickly. And I swear, you can feel Fall coming in the air…and I’m not mad about it! Alright here we go – Five things I’m loving lately.

  1. Oversized Sunnies – $11 for a fun pair of designer look-a-like sunglasses. Thanks to Liz Adams of Hello Adams Family for this find! #influenced 
  2. The Wedding Date – such a cute, easy read that I finished on one day off (haven’t done that in years!!) Loved it and its follow-up book, The Proposal.
  3. Coconut Cove Essie Nail Polish – this is my go-to pedicure color! Holds up really well.
  4. Heather McMahan – I’ve talked about her amazing podcast, Absolutely Not, before but I cannot get enough of her, especially on Instagram. Every single day her stories make me laugh out loud. A really good, hilarious follow! Use your follows for fun 🙂 
  5. Fuzzy Sandal Slippers – I love a sandal style slipper for these in between months where you need a slipper but your Winter slippers are too hot, you know? 

Friday Five – 9.6.19