December 31, 2021

I’ll start by saying that I had this entire post written and a good old fashioned CTRL-Z wiped it away. And THAT is the most fitting way to end 2021. 

…..(no words)…. – this is what I really think about 2021. What a DOOZY!! I normally look back on a year with a heap of positivity and think, “wow that went fast!” Yea no, not this year. This year felt as long as three years put together. To think that only one year ago, I was home with a 6 week old baby binge-watching Bridgerton – feels like a lifetime ago!! 

For months life was working all day, spending some time together for dinner, and then back to work from 6:30pm-1:00am. I’m still exhausted and I know there are vendors out there that had longer seasons and more weddings this year and honestly, my hat is off to you! It was really, really hard. It was challenging to navigate postponements, new weddings with tighter timelines, constantly changing rules and regulations (also varying depending on the state), navigating really tense family conversations, supply chain issues (would love to never hear that again), staffing shortages (so our team turned into waitstaff, setup crew, teardown crew, drivers, bartenders…everything), navigating a new problem every single week, being asked what we thought was going to happen (spoiler: we had no idea, just like you)…the list is so long. On the other hand (here’s some positivity for you!) our team was able to do more than we ever have before and for that, I am proud.

I have to thank the clients we worked with this year that understood the immense pressure that all of their wedding vendors were under. Knowing this was not a normal year went a really long way for all of us as we worked constantly to make it all happen. And for the 2022 clients that were more than ok when we went radio silent for the busiest season, THANK YOU for the understanding and grace.

What did 2021 teach us? That you can do really hard and seemingly impossible things but is that really what I want life to look like? NOPE. So what can we do to control what we can and make positive changes? I mean, besides trying to control the pandy which is seemingly impossible (as we are in the midst of “Season 3” of our pal ‘Rona) – side note: could this please be the only pandemic we have to endure in our lifetime? Never thought that would be an ask I would have to make but here we are. ANYWAY…what can we control? During the busiest season, I decided that KSE would no longer take on Month-of Coordination Clients (you can read more about the change here!). This was a scary change but when I look back on this year, it’s something that needed to happen in order to make space for actual life to happen around the business. You know, kids don’t keep…or is it babies don’t keep? Either way, I would love to be HOME more with my little family so I don’t feel like I’m spending every weekend away from them, distracted with a long to do list, or running around like a maniac. Chaotic energy isn’t cute on anyone. And it would be nice to spend more time with friends and extended family too..maybe read a book, pickup a hobby? All things that were put on the back burner to simply get through 2021.

Looking back, I didn’t even write a Year in Review post for 2020 because who had the words? Not me. Regrouping after this year, I feel similarly but I finally feeling hopeful for the good that could be around the corner. Looking back to 2019’s post (what I would give to go back to that carefree lady), I wrote out some highlights and favorites. I love how that’s like a time capsule so I’ll do the same thing here and hope that in a year, we’re looking back with love and compassion on what 2021 brought (in short: a total shit mess…but maybe we’ll be able to laugh about it.)


  • #1 is baby Sophie and our little family of three – watching how much can change in a year makes me realize how quickly time passes. Definitely a little scary but puts a lot in perspective. Living life as a little family of three has absolutely been my favorite part of this year. 
  • Completing the most number of weddings that KSE has ever done. Couldn’t have done it without the newest member of KSE, Mikaela, being on board to assist and navigate it all with.
  • Got back on the road for so many beautiful weddings – it was amazing to get back on a plane again (after 15 months) and have the first three weddings of the year be in Chicago.
  • Weekends spent at the Lake with family – we were at the lake basically every weekend of the Summer and having that escape was amazing and so happy to do it with my family.


  • Instagram Follows: I’ve been pretty terrible at Instagram (goal for 2022 is to get back on there!) but I have loved following @justme.rod and @corporatenatalie for some good laughs
  • Podcasts: 2021 was the year of the light-hearted podcast because I simply couldn’t handle anything more serious. My favorites were Everything Iconic, Bitch Sesh (constant favorite for 5+ years), The Viall FilesAbsolutely Not, and Chicks in the Office.
  • These black masks with the soft inside layer. Masks..what a bummer but such is life!
  • I started getting monthly facials at Grit + Grace Salon with Karli and it has totally changed my skin. Plus the relaxation that comes with it, is next level! 
  • The Clarita heels were a gift to myself for the 2021 wedding season 🙂 Never get more compliments on a pair of shoes and I wear them at every wedding.

I finished 2019’s post with high hopes for the year ahead..after everything the last two years have brought us, I will end with the same. Really high hopes that it can only go up  from here.


2021 Year in Review